On April 27, Hu Zhiqiang, chairman and general manager of Guilin HBM Health Protections Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HBM Protections”), led the heads of relevant departments in Nanning to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and other ASEAN countries. Donated a batch of Medispo anti-virus* masks and held business talks to promote strategic cooperation.

Ms. Binjama Tavitaryanon, Consul General of Thailand in Nanning, Mr. Azlim Zakaria, Consul General of Malaysia in Nanning, Mr. Do Nam Thong, Consul General of Vietnam in Nanning, Mr. Kyaw Sodeng, Consul General of Myanmar Consulate General in Nanning, Cambodia Ms. Hui Leina, Consul General in Nanning, and Mr. Verasa Somphon, Consul General of Laos in Nanning, met in person and welcomed the arrival of Hu Zhiqiang, Chairman and General Manager of HBM Protections.

During the conversation with Ms. Binjama Tavitayanon, Consul General of Thailand in Nanning, I learned that there are not many liner ships from Qinzhou to Thailand, but it is a coincidence that the Consul General has also visited Qinzhou Port due to the import and export of materials in Thailand. . At the exchange site, the two had in-depth exchanges on cargo transportation, and then the consul general tried on the Medispo anti-virus gloves on the spot and praised the product frequently, showing the warm and lively side of the Thai people.

Previously, Ms. Binjama Tawitayanon, the consul general in the “Consul General’s March 3 Online Live Streaming Activities”, was also highly praised by Chinese and foreign netizens because of her “affinity” as a diplomat, and she became a “star consul general”.

During the conversation with Mr. Azlim Zakaria, Consul General of Malaysia in Nanning, Hu Zhiqiang, Chairman and General Manager of HBM Protections, expressed the hope that the Consul General could convey more about the cooperation of the “China-Malaysian Industrial Research Institute” and promote the Further cooperation between China and Malaysia and innovative development of the industry.

The consul general said that he knew about HBM’s protective products long before the “Consul generals of the three ASEAN countries in Nanning live streaming the goods delivery event in Yong”, and he was very optimistic about the characteristics of Madis masks that do not fog, which is very friendly to people who wear glasses. Immediately, the two parties held a business symposium, and conducted detailed business cooperation discussions on business cooperation such as latex supply chain and cross-border transportation applications. After the talks, the two sides were still unfulfilled, and felt that they shouldered the responsibility and responsibility to promote international cooperation between China and Malaysia, and uphold mutual assistance and mutual support.

During the conversation with Mr. Du Nanzhong, Consul General of Vietnam in Nanning, we learned that Mr. Du Nanzhong’s Chinese is very good and the communication is smooth. And in the previous live broadcast, he also introduced Vietnamese coffee in fluent Mandarin, and there is no sense of disobedience to the “transformation” anchor who brings goods.

In the process of meeting with the consul generals of various countries, although there are different cultural traditions, everyone will mention the same thing – giving gifts is a common custom of human beings. HBM Protections looks forward to continuing to pass on Chinese etiquette to the world with the anti-epidemic materials as the medium and Chinese traditional culture as the medium.

During the special period, even if the anti-epidemic is showing signs of improvement, all parties should not relax their vigilance. I hope everyone will continue to maintain the protective habits during the epidemic, take protective measures, and stay healthy. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of people from all walks of life, we can not only defeat the epidemic together, but also build a better world together!

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