Hard News | Zhonghong Medical strategically merged 70% equity of HBM Protections

Article source: Zhonghong Medical On January 31, Zhonghong Medical issued an announcement stating that the company plans to use part of the over-raised funds of 541 million RMB to acquire 70% of the equity of Guilin HBM Protections  Protections Co., Ltd. The acquisition of Zhonghong Medical is not accidental, but has been considered for a long […]

What gloves are suitable for RNAse free environments?

For medical pratice, simply wearing gloves may not provide sufficient protection against RNAse – we’ve taken a look at what precautions should be taken, and which gloves are suitable for RNAse free labs. How can I protect against RNAse contamination in the lab? Here are some tips for gloving in an RNase-free environment: As nitrile […]

Do you know how the first disposable gloves were born?

Do you know how the first disposable gloves were born? In 1889, the first disposable gloves were born in the office of Dr. William Stewart Halstead. During surgery, disposable gloves can not only ensure doctors’ hand flexibility but also greatly improve the hygiene and cleanliness of the medical environment. Therefore, disposable gloves are widely popular […]

HBM GM was elected as the chairman of the Economic Development Holding Social Science Federation

On March 30th, Guilin Economic and Technological Development Zone held the inaugural meeting of Guilin Economic Development Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Social Science Federation. Leaders of Guilin Social Science Federation, leaders of Economic Development Zone Management Committee, representatives of corporate leaders, and representatives of company members attended the meeting. . Hu Zhiqiang, chairman and general […]

Global Medical Gloves Market Report 2022-2027

Global Medical Gloves Market to Reach $70 Billion by 2027 Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Medical Gloves estimated at US$30.9 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$70 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 12.4% over the period 2020-2027. Examination Gloves, one of the […]

Gloves using instruction

Gloves, as standard equipment for medical staff, are inseparable from us every day.   In surgical operations, professional medical gloves can reduce bacterial infection and reduce the risk of sharps stabbing; when in contact with patients, it can isolate the spread of pathogenic bacteria and effectively prevent hospital feeling.   But the more you use […]

HBM donated anti-epidemic materials to Shanghai

HBM Protections donated anti-epidemic materials to Shanghai epidemic area to help fight the “epidemic” to demonstrate social responsibility and responsibility.  Love Donation Humanitarian Care “Your organization took the initiative to contact the Red Cross Society of our district, donated money and materials in a timely manner, and selflessly offered love, which not only provided important material support […]

HBM get Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate

Now that the Internet is becoming more and more popular in China, if medical device products want to be sold on the Internet, they must apply to relevant government departments and issue relevant certificates after approval before they can be sold. Congrates that HBM Protections get Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate. With the valid […]

HBM CEO meet the consul generals of the six ASEAN countries

On April 27, Hu Zhiqiang, chairman and general manager of Guilin HBM Health Protections Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HBM Protections”), led the heads of relevant departments in Nanning to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and other ASEAN countries. Donated a batch of Medispo anti-virus* masks and held business talks to promote strategic cooperation. Ms. Binjama […]

Factory Price With High Quality Surgical Gloves