Gloves, as standard equipment for medical staff, are inseparable from us every day.


In surgical operations, professional medical gloves can reduce bacterial infection and reduce the risk of sharps stabbing; when in contact with patients, it can isolate the spread of pathogenic bacteria and effectively prevent hospital feeling.


But the more you use it on a daily basis, the more likely you are to make mistakes. HBM Protections specially presents the “Guide to Misunderstandings in the Use of Medical Gloves”, use this tool well and correctly.


Wearing gloves is the same as hand washing?

Honestly, did you wash your hands before putting on gloves and after taking them off? Although gloves can block a large number of germs, in the process of wearing and diagnosis and treatment, the skin is inevitably exposed to the risk of germs. In addition, incorrect wearing methods are more likely to cause pollution.

Wear gloves and wash your hands frequently.


Can it be reused without damage?

A pair of gloves was used all morning without knowing it; wearing a pair of gloves, contacting different patients; even, some doctors performed basic operations such as dressing changes, blood collection, and intubation, all “bare hands”.


Saving is precious, life is more expensive, and one pair of gloves should be used.


Gloves can be used indiscriminately regardless of the occasion?

One second, the patient was touching the patient with gloves, and the next second, he typed directly, so that the germs on the gloves came into close contact with the keyboard.


What’s more, wearing gloves to open the door and pressing the elevator has become a living germ spreader. This set of “running clouds and flowing water” wrong operations turned the gloves that were supposed to protect our safety into a source of infection.

★ Correct use ★

Choose a pair of qualified gloves

Avoid Misunderstandings and Protect Your Health

 Choose different types of gloves according to the scene

 You can choose the appropriate type of gloves according to the usage scenarios and needs:

 During surgery, we should choose gloves that have been sterilized and individually packaged, so as to maintain the shape and fit during the long-term operation as much as possible, so as to ensure that we can perform the operation safely.

 Exam gloves must be certified by NMPA (National Medical Products Administration), have good tensile strength, can resist breakage, and can adapt to various weak acid and weak alkali environments inside human skin.

Choose a regular manufacturer

 At present, there are many manufacturers of medical gloves in the market, and the quality is uneven. You can check whether the back of the package has clear NMPA certification, record number, technical number and other information, and choose a regular manufacturer with complete certificates, clear logos, and traceable processes.

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Medispo KBD gloves use the perfect combination of surface cations and original latex molecules to generate positive charges, which can effectively protect medical staff and reduce the infection of surgical wounds.

Medispo KBD glove surface technology will not cause skin allergy, skin irritation, poisoning and other dangerous events, and has a good anti-degradation effect on reagent products such as sodium hydroxide and formaldehyde.

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