When importing surgical gloves, there are dozens of docuements to provided. If it’s first time to import surgical gloves, for example importing Medispo brand, you should register the Medispo brand in the Ministry of Health. The most important thing is the registration documents.

As we are in different country, how to ensure documents be approved by both countries? Do you know the meaning and difference among Notarised,Legalization or Apotile?


A notarised document is one where the identity and signature of the signatory has been verified by reference to original photographic identity documents and witnessed by a Notary Public at the time of signing.

There are two ways for notarised in China. Notary Public or the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)

Take my company Guilin HBM Health Protections,Inc.for example, we located in Guilin city, Guangxi Province, China. If customer request a notarised power of attorney, I should print and take the original document to the GUILIN Notary public office. Sign and stamp in face of them, then they will issue the notarised page to prove that the sifnature and stamp of our company is ture. Otherwise I take the original document to the GUILIN CCPIT. Sign and stamp in face of them, then they will issue the notarised page to prove that the sifnature and stamp of our company is ture.


Legalization is actually the embassy or consolar certification. It comes in two ways, one is taking the Notarised to the embassy to sign and stamp. Another way is taking documents with signature and stamp by the CCPIT. Depends on the importing country Ministry of Health requirment.


Apostile comes from 1961 Hague convention-the Apostile convention. To speed up the document legalization, members of the Hague accept the files among them.We should send the documents to the member of Hague for apostile. For example, Guilin HBM Health Protections,Inc has the CE certificate which issue by Dekra company in Holland. A customer from Republic of Beralus ask for the CE Apostile. I should send the CE to Holland. First notarized by internation lawyer, then sign and Suprene Court.

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