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Our synthetic surgical undergloves are powder-free, e-beam sterilized and used for double gloving. Research shows double gloving provides added confidence and protection. Each glove is stripped, air-leak tested and auto-packed in a temperature-controlled clean environment. Other features include:

Special H-gel coating makes for easier donning and more comfortable wear.
E-beam sterilization ensure a softer, stronger glove and has no radioactive waste issues.
Easy-wearing design ensures a sensitive touch along with an added protective barrier for the wearer and patient.
100% air inflation tested.
100% synthetic polyisoprene performs natural rubber latex without the risk of latex sensitization.
Meets or exceeds ASTM surgical glove standards.
Manufactured within the quality management system of ISO 13485: 2003, ISO 9001: 2000, FDA-QSR and CE Certification.
In compliance with European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Class IIa.
*FDA 510k.

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800million Pairs Annual Capacity

HBM Protection built 20 production lines for surgical gloves (single line) with annual capacity of 500 million pairs. This is the biggest one in China and the top three in the world.

Automatic Manufacturing Equipment

Under the new management and with the most advanced fully automatic production equipments in China, HBM is producing the top quality surgical gloves.

Strict Quality System

All gloves have been 100% tested for pinholes after production, then inspected 7 times by sampling before delivery.

Complete International Certificates

CE,ISO,U.S. Certificate,EU SATRA, Registration in Japan, Ministry Of Commerce White List ,FSC,CCPIT Certified Brand,etc.

Intelligent Manufacturing Latex Center

HBM Protections have built the production base and R&D for new synthetic latex materials such as polyisoprene gloves and polyurethane condoms.

Advanced ERP Management

With more than 50 professional salesmen to 80 countries and regions, ERP system is managed to coordinated with quality control system to satisfy all clients.

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